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Wedding Trends For the Year

Wedding planning has been in full swing and we've been keeping up with all the latest trends and styles for the year! If you are planning a wedding for this year you definitely want to take a minute and read up on the latest trends!

1. Bringing nature in

Brides are loving the idea of bringing the outdoors in with a lot of tailored greenery and pops of flowers. This idea isn't just a trend for 2019. We saw this a lot during the 2018 wedding season and it's going to be popular for times to come! Brides love that natural look and anything we can do to bring that in to their weddings.

2. Deeper colors

We will see brides taking a step back from the traditional pastels and diving into those brighter, deeper colors and themes.

3. Peachy pinks

It looks like we are going to see a lot of peachy-pinks and oranges. Especially since the pantone color of the year is "living coral" and this cheery tone will be perfect for weddings. We love the peaches, corals and lights pinks together. They are gorgeous mixed together so we are very excited to see more of it this year!

4. Something blue

Our designers have been busy meeting with a lot of brides and the color they are writing down most is blue. It looks like that dusty blue color is making a comeback and we are excited!

5. Adopt alternative stems

Are you wanting to keep that traditional and classic all white bouquet? Try some flowers that are not the norm. Change up those peonies and roses to something like freesia, lisianthus or ranunculus. It keeps that impression of a conventional bouquet while still looking fresh and elegant.

6. Boho aesthetic

We are still going to see all those greens and foliage with overflowing greenery, but we will start to see it become more controlled. They won't be perfectly rounded by an means, but they will be tidier in what they have been. We will see touches of more greens and textures rather than large cascading branches.

These are just a few of the trends that are becoming increasingly popular! We can't wait to see what all the weddings bring this year. There are always new and upcoming trends that brides want to try out and we are always so excited to help make their dreams come true!

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