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Corsage Bar- Prom 2019

As florists in Knoxville spring is one of Lisa Foster Floral Design's favorite times of the year! First comes a spell of warm weather and sunshine.  Then come the hues of yellow… forsythia and daffodils. Next comes PROM!  And boy are we excited about prom this year! We have our "corsage bar" set up and ready to go.  Our "corsage bar" or "prom bar" consists of everything you could possibly need for your prom flowers.  Come into our shop in the Windsor Square Shopping Center, and we will walk you through the corsage process, starting with the bracelet!

We are ready for Prom 2019 with several different bracelet options... starting with our simple elastic bands and a variety of stunning keepsake bracelets!

If your style is beaded, we've got you covered in all sizes and colors.

Or if your style is more simplistic and classic we've got rhinestone bracelets in many different widths and colors.

Gold is in and we have a lot of options for you! We also carry rose gold bracelets if you are wanting something a little different.

Next, we will have you pick out ribbon to go with your dress. You can match the ribbon to the dress color, or you can go with a neutral color for a guaranteed match.

We have all different shades and designs of ribbon, so there is always something that will go with your dress!

Then it's time to choose the flower.  The traditional and most popular flowers that we suggest are white spray roses. White goes with just about any dress color.  We can also do spray roses in pinks, yellows and reds.... as long as the order is placed in advance.  If you want to get a little more fancy with the flower, we can use orchids.  We can also use Gerber daisies if you are looking to add some color in the flower.

This corsage sits on a thicker silver rhinestone band. It has the classic white spray roses throughout. To match her dress she chose black sheer ribbon with flecks of silver.

Gerber daises always add a splash of color and they come in a variety of different hues! She wanted to add a little bit more to her corsage so she added some "bling" in the middle.

Do you want something a little different? How about beautiful white orchids. This corsage has teal ribbon and bling throughout. STUNNING!

We can't forget about the guys! This orchid boutonniere matches her corsage perfectly! You always want the boutonniere to match the corsage so it ties into your ensemble.

Guys have it so much easier! All they have to do is pick the flower that goes with the corsage, but don't worry, we can spruce up your boutonniere by wrapping the stem with colored wire. Our most popular color choices are silver and gold.

We look forward to serving you this Prom season!!! So stop by the shop and place your order today or give us a call at 865.951.0660!!!

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